The FU Network is proud to present our first video show. Ed the Sock hosts Sock Talk, an interview show where Ed will chat with someone of Canadian fame. Check out or first episode with the always funny Tom Green.

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Fine! We have COVID-19 content, Ed meets the shutdown protesters at Queen's Park

Current Productions

The FU Network is always bringing you new shows to keep you informed on Canadian and world politics and news. With thought provoking shows from a diverse group of hosts and panelists, you’re bound to find something you will enjoy. The above podcasts are all currently in productions with new shows regularly. Of course you can find all programs including those on hiatus on the main Podcast Page or wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Latest Episodes

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Canadian icon Ed the Sock returns to restore sanity to a world gone mad and he’s bringing the magic of classic Much Music with him!

FUN – The FU_Network restores the authentic, electric, unpredictable media we treasured on Much with new and returning series – and yes, brand-new Fromage as well! 

We start with FU_Politics Podcasts: The NO BULLpen, Matter of Fact, Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Politics, Mensplaining, Zodcast and The Kerzner Expediton!