“Don’t make me angry…you won’t like me when I’m angry.” That’s what David Banner warned people just before turning into TV’s Incredible Hulk.

Well, Neil’s angry – and we do like him! Soft-spoken Neil takes a bite out of Andrew Scheer’s fake tax cuts as he and Lauren expose Scheer’s deceptive tactics and discuss political burnout and Neil talks with Gerry Nichols, former VP to Stephen Harper at the ultra-conservative National Citizens Coalition, about Stephen Harper, how conservatism has changed, about the election campaign and the party leaders, as well as the importance of reaching across party lines and realizing that we are all Canadians. Gerry is a straight shooter who pulls no punches about the state of Canadian politics. And in a special satirical twist, Neil closes with ‘story time’.

Hosts: Neil Waytowich – http://Twitter.Com/ThatsMrNeil

Lauren Griffith – http://Twitter.Com/HalandLolo

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