EP #16 – The NO BULLpen – Trans Rights vs Free Speech

Megan Murphy. Toronto Public Library. Google them to read about the clash between ‘free-speech’ advocates and LGBTQ+ community over letting a known transphobic speaker do her thing on city-owned property.

Is a person’s right to free speech more important than the damage that speech may cause? In Canada, the Charter of Rights & Freedoms says no. Most people don’t know this – nor have a firm grasp of what ‘the right to free speech’ actually refers to.

Does a woman espousing transphobic comments have a “right” to speak at a city-owned venue, or is her speech and its contribution to real violence against human beings being the kind of thing that the Charter meant about imposing “reasonable limits” to spouting off opinions?

Is refusing to allow a transphobe a platform in a city-owned building a slippery-slope to the wholesale loss of everyone’s freedom to express opinions that are generally unpopular and inaccurate? That’s this episode’s debate.

Host: Steven Kerzner – http://Twitter.Com/StevenJKerzner


Charlie Eau, a trans non-binary advocate for LGBTQ+ rights in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Samantha Emann, a news editor with Torstar Corporation with her finger on the pulse of news & opinions. – https://Twitter.Com/smemann

Graeme Frisque, a free speech advocate and city hall & politics reporter for the Brampton Guardian and Mississauga News. – https://Twitter.Com/GraemeFrisque

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