Liberals and Conservatives are neck-and-neck in the polls. If Liberals get most number of seats, but not a majority, they form a Minority Government.

If the Conservatives get most number of seats, but not a majority – The Liberals may still become the next government!

Facts: Trudeau is PM until he resigns or is dismissed by the Governor-General. If he says he intends to form a government with help of smaller parties, or if Governor-General determines the Conservatives, even with highest seat count, can’t effectively gain confidence of the House, Trudeau would remain PM – even if the Liberals win fewer seats than the Cons.

It’s all legal, proper and constitutional. We’ve just never experienced in our lifetimes (last time was 1919). Canadians won’t understand what happened. And Scheer & his partisans will be apoplectic! If you think they fought dirty and misrepresented facts DURING the election (they did) wait’ll you see the Conservatives when they are denied government!

The rhetoric, the lies, the rage – it’ll go to 11. And may rip this country apart.

Host: Steven Kerzner – http://Twitter.Com/StevenJKerzner


Ishat Reza, Harvard grad, lawyer & governance expert and host of “Matter of Fact” on FU_Politics – http://Twitter.Com/ishat_reza

Steve Cole, socially liberal conservative oil-patch worker from Alberta and new panelist –

Stuart Benson, journalist, editor and self-described “Leftist Dirtbag” – http://Twitter.Com/LeftHandStu

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