Why does anger seem the default, go-to setting for men’s reactions to tough or uncomfortable situations?

Generations of social programming on ‘manly’ behaviour has created a psyche men have been trapped in and it’s hurt their friends, loved ones, co-workers, job prospects – and themselves.

So what’s the reason men find comfort in anger? What’s really going on under the surface? How can men turn off the “on” button? Can they? This is an episode of Mensplaining that men, women, boys and girls should listen to – it’s an important dialogue that needs to happen more often – and despite the serious topic, there’s also a lot of humour between the host and panelists, including our special guest panelist, therapist Dale Curd.

Dale Curd is a therapist who has specialized in talking to men about the issues, emotions and inner conflicts men face every day, but rarely talk about. In 2019, Dale launched, an online directory of mental health and wellness professionals who offer support and information to men seeking counselling in Canada, the US and UK. As well, he and his wife Kimberly Alexander wrote the book Living Lightly, Bring Happiness and Calm To Your EveryDay, published by HarperCollins.

Steven Kerzner hosts with panelists from our Mensplaining bullpen:

Paul Doroshenko, Q.C. is an experienced criminal defence lawyer with a practice devoted to criminal defence and drunk driving law in British Columbia. His main goal is ensuring that his clients avoid a criminal record.

Vancouver’s Andy Willis hosts Andyland radio every Wednesday at 10:30PM Pacific time on CIRT FM and can be streamed 24/7 on andyland

Also on the west coast is Hafeez Noorani is one of the most sought after digital analysis & marketing experts in the field and the very excellent producer of this show.


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