That’s a frikkin’ stupid question. But that was the headline on numerous articles based on “a study in new journal Sex Roles, a 2018 US federal report led by Pennsylvania State University psychologist Janet Swim, has found participants assessing eco-friendly activity would be more likely to question the sexuality of a man who engaged in things they saw as more “feminine” green behaviours.”

So it’s a dumb question. But listen to how dumb headlines lead to an interesting discussion about the strong messages men still receive about what’s “MANLY” — and what isn’t. Plus, one of our panelists gets urgent legal advice on the show that he wasn’t looking for! Man, the things we pack into one episode!

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Paul Doroshenko – He has ‘Q.C.’ after his name, which means he’s a lawyer, but not just any lawyer – a criminal defense lawyer. Just like the ones you see on TV shows! But he’s real and a brand-new panelist! Welcome! – http://Twitter.Com/PaulDoroshenko 

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