How about we adults take a break from arguing over Don Cherry & Jess Allen and take a look at one of the valid questions her whiny personal anecdote raised: does junior hockey breed bullies? Probably one of the best shows we’ve done. Certainly the biggest panel. 

Host/Ref: Ed the Sock


Michael Landsberg is someone who arguably has talked to more Jocks than anyone in the history of Canada as 18-year host of the sports panel show Off the Record on TSN and now divides his time between co-hosting mornings on TSN 1050 radio in Toronto and his mental health awareness and advocacy group, Sick not Weak.

Nathan Chiarlitti played five years in the Ontario Hockey League with the Sarnia Sting and the Owen Sound Attack, also 3 played 3 seasons St. Francis Xavier University, where he got his Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics and then played two seasons at McGill University, while completing a Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology. He’s currently a med student at U of Ottawa and wrote a book called More Than a Game, about his time on the ice and the life lessons kids learn playing our national pastime.

Matt Park grew up playing minor league hockey with what was then the MTHL and has an uncle and cousin who made it on the ice in the pro league. He now works in corporate communications, making him one of the few living beings who was able to make an English degree work for him.

Andrew Willis is Andrew Willis. That should be enough introduction. He’s a giant personality with bold opinions & often interesting life experiences we only hear the tip of. He hosts Andyland radio every Wednesday at 10:30PM west coast time on CiTR 101.9 FM. and find it there for streaming too. I don’t know if Andy ever played team sports and if so, what he would define as a team sport.

Paul Marlow has been a fitness trainer for a decade, before which he played high school rugby, volleyball, soccer, baseball and basketball but cut down to only two sports when he was at an American university, and he was drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays but politely declined. 

Hafeez Noorani is a digital marketing professional specializing in getting businesses online, which means he’s more or less a field pylon when it comes to sports. Though he brings countless years of experience in being picked last in Phys Ed. 

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