It actually made him cry. On national TV.

On an election eve TV broadcast, prominent conservative TV & radio broadcaster Charles Adler could no longer deny to himself or anyone else that the Conservative Party he had supported for decades was gone. No longer socially progressive and fiscally conservative, the present Conservative Party of Canada is home to “…extremists…Islamophobes…white nationalists or white supremacists…misogynists. The usual suspects of people who we choose not to associate with.”

And it made him cry. His political home was gone.

What finally brought Charles to this realization? The answer is sincere & emotional – both things modern Conservative Party members frown upon.

When did the conservative movement in Canada lose its soul and can it be reclaimed? Steven and Charles talk about this and other related topics important to progressives, conservatives and our country.

Charles Adler is an Emmy Award-winning TV & radio broadcaster with decades of experience in Canada and the United States and an iconic voice of rational, reasonable conservative thought. His radio program, Charles Adler Tonight, is heard weekdays on Global News Radio (and, of course, also available at all times on the internet).

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