Yes it’s scary. Yes people are getting sick. Yes people are dying. Yes businesses are hurting. Yes workers are hurting.

But there’s another perspective to our reaction to COVID-19 that we should be looking at too.

Liana Kerzner (@redlianak), Michelle Budiwski (@Butterflymbca) and Rose Jardine talk about the good stuff, people pulling together, helping the elderly, voluntarily quarantining to protect others. We’re in the cloud…let’s look for a silver lining.

Michelle Budiwski (Budooski) it’s a social activist, author motivational speaker living in rural Manitoba just outside of Brandon with her husband and four children.

Producer and playwright Roze Jardine’ is a life coach and a youth advocate, who uses the arts as a catalyst to bring to light a variety of social issues for the purpose of dialogue, community engagement and social change.

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