Having some FUN – with #AndysResume

In the midst of Election 2019 – after waves of ridiculous and rather obviously troll-farm seeded hashtags trended on Twitter in Canada – Ed had about enough and decided to have some FUN! It is after all, the name and ethos of our all new FUN – The FU_Network. So when news hit of Andrew Scheer’s less than honest Resume – Ed tweeted the following:

And immediately Twitter users began having some FUN, tweeting their own satirical takes on what may or may not be on #AndysResume:

And then… it happened. #AndysResume Trended #1 Across Canada, with more than 6,000 tweets, and after that, the tweets started pouring in…

And then came the memes… so many memes

And, as always when we have FUN – a lot of truth and quality discussion of the issue we were satirizing, came out as well.

As always, thanks for having FUN – from all of us here at FUN – The FU_Network!

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