Having FUN – With The Great Buttertart War Of #Elxn43

It was a week out from Election Day – and Canadians had rather obviously, had enough. The spin, the smears, the lies, the bots, the trolls, the vitriol, the insults, the fights… people needed something silly to lighten up. Enter, Ed’s profound disgust for a nation’s treasured treat… The Butter Tart. Ed voiced what he was certain was the opinion of the silent majority, that nobody actually likes butter tarts, and they are in fact, disgusting. Confident in his stance, Ed would soon learn that #TeamButterTart was not only numerous, but organized, and a federal force to be reckoned with.

Confident that he had struck a nerve with the Canadian population, Ed felt confident in heading to the polls. What happened next, would change everything, forever.

It was a bloodbath. A massacre. #TeamButterTart not only Trended #1 in Canada – they unleashed a sophisticated campaign of disinformation, spreading lies and flooding Twitter with their #BigButtertart backed propaganda. The #FlakeNews was rampant and undeniable, and clearly swayed the electorate.

It was the debate that shook the nation to its core. Families were destroyed. Relationships ripped apart. There could be no middle ground. You are either #TeamButterTart or #ButterTartsAreDisgusting

And just when it seemed the nation couldn’t be any more divided, the western separatists reared their ugly heads, and the #BlocNanaimoBar was born. Could the country ever heal from the division?

But in many ways, it was the healing the nation needed…

And then, to add insult to injury, #TeamButterTart would trend once again, on Election Day, October 21st, as Canadians headed to the polls:

And perhaps in a perfect encapsulation of #Elxn43 and the state of Canada today, while #TeamButterTart trended on Election Day, so too, did #EdTheSockForPrimeMinister – a nation divided, and yet oddly united.

At the end of the day, people just needed to have a little bit of FUN. Thanks for helping us Bring Back FUN – here at http://FUNetwork.TV

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