Broken Clock Podcast – Critical Thinking Pet Peeves

The Broken Clock is a podcast about critical thinking. Remember that thing people used to do before drinking one team or another’s Kool-Aid became so much easier than thinking for yourself? In each episode of Broken Clock, Liana Kerzner and Maus Merryjest (no, that’s not his real name; if you needed to be told that, you are in serious need of this podcast) discuss how to bring reason, plausibility and facts to bear on everything from politics to pop culture. And they also point out where people typically go wrong when they don’t try.

This week, our critical thinking pet peeves: exceptions, fallacy fallacies, conflating correlation and causation and more, all lead up to a discussion about online arguing about Star Wars.


Broken Clock – a Critical Thinking Podcast is part of Wave Two of series on FU_Politics as we continue our mission of restoring to everyday Canadians the important dialogues we need to have, without the barriers to entry blocked by pundits paid political proxies partisans and radicals that have taken over mainstream news media. Restoring intelligent discourse with a sense of humour, civility and fact-based opinions – that’s FU_Politics. 

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